Service Hours

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Food Shelter
Food Collection Meal Delivery Home Building Home Repair / Maintenance
Serving Food Personal Care Collection Blanket Collection
School Supply Collection Book / Magazine Drive
Healthy Living Other Services
Blood Drive Fun Run / Walk / Hike / Cycle Disaster Relief Conservation
Bike Safety Child Fingerprinting Military Support National Park Resource Stewardship
Health Fair CPR Training Other Services
Tree Planting Litter Cleanup / Beautification
Description of Service Hours

American Red Cross Boy Scout Camp Order of the Arrow Lodge
Habitat for Humanity County Lone Scout
Salvation Army Church Service Organization
US Department of Health Synagogue Housing Authority
Local Food Bank/Pantry Mosque America Supports You
Local Shelter for the Abused Other Religious Organization US Forest Service
Local Blood Bank School National Parks Service
Meals on Wheels Retirement Center Other
Local Medical Center/Hospital Goodwill Industries No Partner
City Civic Organizations



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