About Troop 59

A Troop Run By Boys For Boys
Being a Boy Scout is special. Scouts are one of the few organizations for youth where the adults are not “in charge”. Troop 59 has made this the cornerstone of the scout experience.

Our boys manage and control all aspects of troop operations from running meetings to meal planning. Our adult staff provides guidance to the Scout leadership so that they can accomplish the goals they have set for themselves and the Troop. If you are looking for an environment that challenges boys to learn what it takes to be self sufficient, have personal confidence and develop the skills needed for success then we have a program for you.

A Strong Commitment To All Aspects of Scouting
Our Troop works all parts of the scouting program. Naturally the outdoors is a big part of the program but we do not stop there. Advancement, Personal Growth and Responsibility, Community Service, and Citizenship are emphasized in our programs and activities,

Leadership Development
Scouting is a laboratory for developing leadership. Our boys learn this from the beginning of their Troop experience. Lord Baden-Powell, the founder of the scouting movement said that “Scouting is a Game with a Purpose”. Leadership is a process of getting things done through people. Our Scouts learn this through direct interactions with Adults, Scout Leaders and most importantly other Scouts. We help our Scouts learn these skills and then apply them to everyday life so that they can use them for a lifetime of success

Most Important is Fun!
Our scouts cannot wait to “get out there”. Be it orienteering, whitewater rafting, hiking, treks, and many other annual activities we always make sure the primary ingredient is fun.

Since its initial charter in 1937, BSA Troop 59 has been serving Long Hill Township for over 80 years.

Troop 59 is a member of the Watchung Mountain District in the Patriot’s Path Council, which is headquartered at 1 Saddle Road, Cedar Knolls, NJ.

The Troop is chartered by, and meets at 7:30 PM every Wednesday at, the First Presbyterian Church, located at 158 Central Avenue in Stirling, NJ.

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