BSA Introduces New Cyber Chip

Studies have shown that kids spend more than 7.5 hours (in average) using some kind of electronic device – and a good amount of that time is spent online.

That’s why the BSA has introduced the new Cyber Chip (alongside the more familiar Whittling and Totin’ Chips) in an effort to help keep Scouts safe while they are online, and just like those other chips, every Scout should earn the Cyber Chip and carry it with them.

To earn the Cyber Chip:

  1. Visit the BSA Cyber Chip Web site to find requirements organized by grade (1-3, 4-5, 6-8, and 9-12)
  2. Visit the NetSmartz Cyber Chip portal, designed specifically for the BSA

All Cyber Chips expire annually. Each Scout will need to “recharge” the chip by going back to the NetSmartz Recharge area.

A summary of the Cyber Chip can be found at