Sabattis Summer Camping



2018 Troop 59
Sabattis Adventure Camp


Visit the official Patriots’ Path Council Sabattis page at

 Download the complete Troop 59 Sabattis Package
2018_SAC_PACKAGE (available after May 12)

Troop 59 is getting ready for our annual camping trip to Sabattis Adventure Camp, located in the heart of the Adirondacks in upstate New York state.This page is the source for information about Troop 59’s planning for this trip, and includes important information about the who, what, when, where, why and how of this trip.  This information is intended to be as complete, accurate, and up-to-date as possible, so be sure to check this page frequently for any updates.  All of the required forms have been bundled into a complete package for download.  This bundle also includes information about what to pack, Merit Badges being offered, camp schedules, and much more.  Individual forms may be downloaded using the links below.


Boy Scout Troop 59 – all scouts are encouraged to attend, regardless of rank.  Adults are welcome to attend too!


Sabattis Adventure Camp is owned and operated by our own Patriots’ Path Council, and offers the opportunity for scouts to spend a week camping with the troop, using the Patrol Method.

The early bird fee for camping at Sabattis is $465. 00.  There is a $50 discount for scout siblings (after the first scout) attending together. 

The adult leader fee is $230.00.

Checks payable to BSA TROOP 59 for the full amount are due by Wednesday, April 18, 2018.  The late registration fee for scouts is $495.00.

A list of merit badges being offered, and their prerequisites, will be available for download (2018_SAC_MB) along with the schedule (2018_SAC_MB_SCHEDULE) after the Sabattis summer camp kickoff meeting at Council on May 12.

A Sabattis Adventure Camp packing guideline list will also be available (SAC_EQUIPMENT_LIST)


Troop 59 will be camping at SAC during the week of July 22nd through July 28th, 2018.  Departure for SAC will be early on the morning of Saturday, July 21st – usually at 6:00 AM, for the 6 hour car ride.  Return will be in the late afternoon/evening of Saturday, July 28th. 


Sabattis Adventure Camp is located at:

Sabattis Adventure Camp
1745 Sabattis Rd
Long Lake, NY 12847

In case of emergency, the camp office telephone number is (518) 554‐4240. A message will be taken and delivered to the individual concerned as quickly as possible.  Do not expect to talk to the person immediately.


Why join the Troop on the trip to Sabattis?  Because it is fun!  Sure, scouts get to experience the sights and sounds of the great outdoors (and maybe later in the week, the smells of the not-so-great tent indoors) as they bond with their fellow scouts; as they work on merit badges to help advance in their ranks; and as they learn leadership and teamwork each and every day when starting campfires for hot water, cook their meals over propane stoves, and clean up afterward with KP; but what the scouts remember most is the fun they had, and the stories they will remember for a lifetime.

How much fun are we talking about?  Watch the Sabattis video


There are several forms needing completion in order to participate in camping at Sabattis.

  • Annual Health and Medical Record – parts A, B & C.  Part C requires sign-off from from the scout’s physician.  Without these forms, completed and signed as necessary, a scout WILL NOT be permitted to join this camping trip.  If Part B indicates that ANY medications are to be administered to the scout while at camp, New York State Health Department requires that it MUST be signed by the scout’s physician.
  • Sabattis Consent Form.  This form grants parental consent for scouts to participate in activities off the Sabattis Adventure Camp property.  For example, all first year scouts at Sabattis are invited to participate in a Wednesday afternoon swimming trip to Bog River Falls.  Scouts also may want to take part in a hike up Charley’s Mountain, either as part of work on a merit badge, or as a side-trip.  Again, without the completed parental consent form, scouts WILL NOT be permitted to participate in any off-property activities.
  • Meningococcal disease and vaccine information form.  Required under New York State law.
  • Troop 59 Consent Form.  This is the usual permission/consent form used by the Troop on all troop activities.

Have questions, or need more information?  Please contact any of our Troop leaders, and we’ll be happy to get you the answers you need.  We will hold a pre-Sabattis shakedown meeting in mid-June, to go over any details, collect forms, and help make sure the scouts are prepared for the week.  We will publish the pre-Sabattis meeting information once the date/time are finalized.