PLC Meeting Minutes (January 7th, 2015)

Positions of Responsibility Updates:
  • Bugler-Christmas in the Woods performance, learning new songs
  • Nuclear Gummy Bears Patrol-no rank advancements, Christmas in the Woods, using Google Docs to update rank advancements
  • Quartermaster-list of equipment, finding out what equipment is missing or needs to be replaced
  • Scribe-collecting troop contact information
  • Assistant Senior Patrol Leader-should send more weekly emails and improve spreadsheet of the calendar
Troop Updates:
  • Webmaster should improve Matteo’s spreadsheet and put it on
  • Orienteering course
  • Texting is the more effective form of communication over emails
  • Patrol leaders should check and update contacts list
  • Make sure all members of both patrols have given contacts
  • More camping trips
  • March 21st-22nd: Buttermilk Falls hike
  • April: hiking/Camping on Appalachian Trail
  • May 16th-17th: Sandy Hook
  • June 6th-7th: whitewater rafting