PLC Meeting Minutes – November 19, 2014


Scouts: Jonathan, Nick, Matteo, Andrew, David, William, Tommy, Sean, Jeremiah

Adults: Mr. Walto, Mr. Gerecht, Mr. Theoclitus, Mr. Schmidt

Reports from Patrols:

Nuclear Gummy Bears – Matteo reported that his patrol has not yet had any patrol meetings; he was not sure of where each of the members were with regard to rank advancements.

Tapeworms – Patrol Leader Tommy also reported that his patrol has not yet had any patrol meetings, and he was not sure of where each of the members were with regard to rank advancements.
The importance for communication between the patrol leaders and the patrol members was stressed, and that patrols need to make the time to hold patrol meetings.

The decision was made that as part of every troop meeting, immediately after the patrols are dismissed from the opening gathering, patrol leaders will meet with their patrols for 5-10 minutes to review advancement, and to discuss patrol ideas, issues, concerns and to offer guidance and assistance. Patrol leaders will ensure, by the next PLC meeting, that all patrol members have the contact information (phone numbers and email addresses) of the patrol leader and other patrol members. Adult leaders offered to provide that roster information to the patrol leaders for distribution.


Review of recent activities included the importance of capturing the PLC meeting minutes, as they are needed to identify any decisions/plans made at the PLC as well as for follow-up items for future PLC meetings.

Andrew participated in the Scouting for Food service project, and picked up several bags of food from the LHT neighborhood on November 8th.

The Hicks Tract cleanup, to prepare for Christmas in the Woods, is planned for December 12-13; materials needed for the cleanup were identified as saws, rakes, 3/4 axe, sledge and wedges, hand axe, and rope. It was identified that a permit is needed, but it is not known if the permit has yet been received. Jonathan will follow up with adult leaders to determine permit status. Matteo indicated that there were scouts recently performing cleanup activities at Hicks Tract, and that the fire pit area may not need to be cleaned. Matteo will investigate the site and report his findings to the troop; it was suggested that an adult leader also check out the site and report. The overnight activity will remain on the calendar as scheduled, pending the site status.

Planning for future activities, including any need for fundraising, will take place later in this meeting.

Troop Leadership

Training opportunities were reviewed: Wilderness First Aid, University of Scouting, and NYLT in Summer 2015. Den chiefs are currently serving as Patrol Leaders; need to reach out again to the local packs to offer services.


No activities are currently planned which need fundraising.


All leaders need to be doing a better job of communicating: between SPL and Patrol Leaders, between ASPL and Positions of Responsibility, across positions of responsibility, and within individual patrols. Scouts in positions of responsibility need to actually perform in those positions; it is not sufficient to just HOLD as position, and time served will not count toward rank advancement if there is no evidence that responsibilities have been performed.

• QUARTERMASTER REPORT: All troop gear that is taken home for cleaning must be returned directly to the Quartermaster. Equipment can no longer be simply dropped off on a table at troop meetings; the individual returning the gear will wait and have the equipment checked by the Quartermaster. If the gear is incomplete or still dirty, then the individual needs to take it home and clean it again. Inventory of troop gear needs to be scheduled in the near future.

• WEBMASTER REPORT: Webmaster needs his login information to be able to upload and post information to the site; he will obtain his information before the next PLC.

• LIBRARIAN REPORT: The current library contains many books – some of which may be out of date. Librarian will review the books against the most recent merit badge requirements and re-compile the list of available books. The library should also include the SPL and PL handbooks, as well as other pertinent materials published by the BSA. All outdate materials will be delivered to the Historian for review.

• BUGLER REPORT: The bugle needs repairs. Andrew is going to request that it be checked by the WH band director.

Upcoming Activities

Something needs to be planned for January, February, March, April, and May. Activities mentioned were:

• Camp Alpine for indoor rock climbing daytrip
• Snowshoeing or cross country skiing in February
• Hiking on the AT or Yards Creek in April
• Gettysburg in May