PLC Minutes – February 27, 2013

Patrol Leader Council Meeting Minutes
February 27, 2013, 7:30 PM – First Presbyterian Church
Attendees: Matteo, Steven, Matt, Nick, Kyle, Jeremiah, Jonathan, Sean, Mr. Schmidt, Mr. Soldan, Mr. Theoclitus, Mr. Wagner, Mr. Walto

Cabins – Webelos weekend

  • We need to fundraise so we can afford larger cabins which reduce the number of people sleeping outside.
  • We need to know who is coming further in advance, rather than a couple of nights before.


  • The BSA has officially declared that the Assistant Patrol Leader is not a rank position.
  • We need to work on training patrol leaders.
  • There is a weeklong training program held by the council.
  • Soon we will need a new ASPL and a SPL.

Traits to be a good patrol leader

  • Educating, respectful, trustworthy – follow the scout law
  • Lead by example, help all the time and be happy no matter what the weather is.

Service Projects

  • Thinking about landscaping around the Presbyterian Church.
  • Hours – Alter serving is an easy way to do it.
  • Send your hours and offer ideas on our Website – www.troop

Fundraising activities

  • We can sell first aid kits, 25% goes to the company and 75% goes to us.
  • It is a good idea; we need to finish up selling the flags first though.

Troop Activities

  • Jockey Hollow – we have to finish up the hiking, we will also camp for a day. On Friday night we will set up camp, Saturday we will hike. March 15th (Friday), 16th (Saturday).
  • Gettysburg – one week in April.
  • Appalachian Trail – one day hike (no camping), the date will be set for some time in April.
  • Valley Forge – May 17th
  • Sabbatis money due April 17th
  • Philmont – 2015
  • January 2014 signup for2015

Next Patrol Leaders meeting is 3/27