PLC Minutes – January 9, 2013

Patrol Leader Council Meeting Minutes
January 9, 2013, 7:30 PM – First Presbyterian Church
Attendees: Joe, Matteo, Tommy, Mikey, Sean, Kyle, Jeremiah, Trey, Matt, Ian, Mr. Gerecht, Mr. Walto, Mr. Schmidt, Mr. Soldan.

Service projects

  • Planning hours: four hours, five hours, ten hours.
    • Patrols need to pick service projects.
  • If you have suggestions, please contact Kyle.
    • He will be responsible for service projects.
  • Think of something that has to be done around the Presbyterian church.
    • Shrubs, repairs, playground, etc.

Service hours

  • Patrol members tell patrol leaders, Patrol leaders can Contact/ Email the adults the member’s progress.
  • If you have hours, contact Ian and he can submit them

Fundraising activities

  • We can sell flags- we have about 50 left.
  • If you have a suggestion, please contact Mr. Soldan
  • Wreaths for the holidays
  • Flowers for Mother’s day

Troop Activities

  • If you have a suggestion, please contact any of the adult leaders
  • Winnebago- we have a cabin reserved
  • Jockey Hollow- in March (finish the orienteering!)
  • Sabattis- July (start preparing now!)

Long-term Planning

  • Ski trip?
  • Sabattis-(July 21st – 27th )
  • Pay the early bird fee: it ends March.
  • Going down to West Virginia? (awesome camp: high adventure)
  • Canoeing trip- possible
  • Philmount: Ready to go! (EVERYTHING IS BACKPACKNG)

Next patrol leaders Meeting is 2/27