Sabattis Forms Reminder

All scouts/leaders joining Troop 59 to Sabattis camp and/or trek in July MUST return their completed forms by the Sabattis camp/trek review meeting, scheduled for June 18.

Due to instructions received from Patriots’ Path Council, the troop needs to schedule a pre-Sabattis review of all paperwork with Council several weeks before we arrive on July 19, so we absolutely cannot be waiting on completed forms to be received.

If you have not yet done so already, please complete all forms as required (including physician signature on Health and Medical form Parts C and B as necessary) and return them to the troop as soon as possible.

All details about the required forms are found on the troop web site at

Please reach out to the troop leaders if you have any questions, or need anything additional.

P.S. If a scout/leader is attending both trek and camp the following week, he does not need to complete the forms twice!  Thank you to all who have already handed in their completed forms!