WG18 – Happy Thanksgiving

Howdy, Pardners!

Hope you can view our holiday greeting from the top of Philmont.  Yes sir, that’s the famous Watchu explorer, Mountain Man Rich, on top of Baldy Mountain.  He took a quick trip down to the Taos Rendezvous in September to trade fur pelts for some jerky and other supplies.  Ya know, gotta get ready for the Watchu Mountain Adventure in May and Philmont a few weeks later.  Thought you might like to see what old Philmont looks like in the fall.


Phil Fact:  Several of photographer Ansel Adams’ most famous pictures were taken at Philmont and around Cimarron.  The October 1962 edition of Boys Life  magazine included a series of his shots from the ranch.


The view from Visto Grande is pretty as a picture!

Ansel Adams
San Francisco, California